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  • Your Club is interested in sponsoring a Rotaract Club.  There is a session just for you.  Attend the Rotaract session to learn How Rotaract Can Partner With, Energize and Inspire Your Rotary Club.
  • Your Club wants to use technology to create great club meetings; Attend the session on Creating Great Club Programs Using Technology.
  • You are new to your Rotary Club and want to know more about Rotary International;  Attend the Rotary 101 for New Members session.
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  • You need to learn how to navigate the Rotary International website; Sign up for My Rotary 101.
All of this and more is available to all club members in District 5340.  Take the opportunity to learn more about how to make a difference.  to sign up for the District Training Assembly, click here.  San Diego Downtown Breakfast has taken the lead for the highest number of Rotarians signed up.  Will they be the winner?  Or, will your Club take the lead?
District Training Assembly
March 24, 2018
8:30 - 12:00 pm
Registration Fee: $25
Registration ends March 21
Rotary District 5340 is pleased to announce the expansion of our relationship with the San Diego Padres. This year's partnership includes four top-tier games with special discounts available exclusively for Rotary members. In addition, clubs now have a central point of contact within the Padres organization, with new options available for hosting club events.
The district has organized dedicated Rotary nights for the past several years, providing the opportunity for Rotary members and guests to connect while enjoying America's pastime.
"Rotary has had a long partnership with the San Diego Padres," said Kevin Forrester, a member of Encinitas Rotary who serves as Padres Liaison for Rotary District 5340. "From our Rotary Flag Court to special events featuring Rotarians before the hometown crowd. We are very excited for the upcoming 2018 series of events, and thrilled to share the opportunity with clubs to host their own events with the Padres."
Civic leaders and members of Rotary were instrumental in Major League Baseball coming to San Diego. James Mulvaney, a longtime member of the Rotary Club of San Diego, served as President of the old Pacific Coast League’s San Diego Padres from 1955 to 1968. He also played a critial role in Major League Baseball coming to San Diego in 1969, later serving as Vice President and General Counsel of the San Diego Padres National League Team.

On Tuesday, February 20, 2018, the El Cajon Rotary Club continued a 35+ year tradition of holding their Annual Past Presidents' Day.  Each president in attendance is recognized an given a minute or two to review their year or pass along a funny story or two, and, the stories can go on and on!  This year, there were 21 past presidents in attendance:  Lynn McDougal 1971-72; Vince Bacino 1975-76; Cal Bender 1984-85; Dave Waters 1989-90; Ross Provence 1992-93; Ed Maguire 1993-94; Allen C. Brown 1998-99; Jim Sheehan 2000-01; Bobbi Pearson 2001-02; James Davis 2002-03; Ginger Poutous 2006-07; Alison Cummings 2008-09; Max Wright Jr. 2009-10; Stuart Scott 2010-11; Lawrence McKim 2011-12; Roger Holtsclaw 2012-13; Tim McDougal 2013-14 (Lynn McDougal's son); Humbert Cabrera 2014-15; Erick Lundy 2015-16; Cheryl Minshew 2016-17; and this year's president, Charlie Cole who conducted the ceremonies. 
The Club enjoyed lunch, old friendships and some good old stories. 
The final numbers are tallied and the Rotary Club of Coronado is proud to donate $100,858.85 to the "End Polio Now " Rotary International Campaign.  The donation will receive a 2-to-1 match from the Gates Foundation, resulting in $302,576.55 to help eradicate for good the polio virus around the world.
 Pictured are Coronado Rotary President Kevin Rugee, Past Rotary District Governor and Coronado Rotarian Marilyn Sanderson, End Polio Now Rotary Co-Chairs Sue Maack and Pat Flynn, and Rotarians Ron Vernetti and Jim Kaufman.  Photo by Dan Hutchinson.
Photo of Financial Reports
Rotary international District 5340 has unveiled a new Financials section on the website, designed to serve as a single resource for individuals looking for financial detail on the organization.
Rotary International District 5340 (the “District”) is a not-for-profit unincorporated association formed in 1941, and is an administrative district of Rotary International.  As a 501(c)(4), the District regularly files state and federal income taxes, and serves the role of supporting over 60 clubs in San Diego, Imperial, and Riverside counties. In addition, to support staff, the District organizes events, such as District Conferences, membership mixers, Foundation Seminars, and more. It also serves as the steward for grant funding awarded by The Rotary Foundation, and distributes hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants each and every year.
"Transparency is absolutely critical in our operations as a District," said Scott Carr, District Governor for Rotary District 5340. "We absolutely need to maintain an 'open book' policy with our constituents that we serve, the women and men of Rotary in Southern California. Ensuring that our records are available for all to see ensures that our members, our partners, and our beneficiaries can trust us to not only promise, but then deliver on those promises." 
The new Financials section is available online under the "About" section, and be accessed at:
George Carter JessopOn March 1, 2018, Rotary District 5340 joined members of the Jessop family and the San Diego Rotary to celebrate George Carter Jessop Day. Jessop was recognized at a special program at the Rotary Club of San Diego for his achievements in Rotary, and for his never-ending commitment to giving back to the community.
Jessop served from 1985-86 as District Governor of what was then known as Rotary District 534. A member of the San Diego Rotary for over 50 years, Jessop remains a legend in the local community for his work with the 125 year-old Jessop's Jewelers.
In recognition of George Carter Jessop Day, President Bob Russell from the San Diego Rotary presented George with a proclamation from Mayor Kevin Faulconer and the City of San Diego, declaring March 1, 2018 to be George Carter Jessop Day. In addition to a plaque, the club also presented a special video produced by Rick Clark. Clark is a member of the La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary, one of the clubs that Jessop helped form during his time as District Governor. Clark's video featured Past District Governor Pat Crowell and Past Rotary International President Rick King discussing the important contributions made by George Carter Jessop.
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