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My apologies for the link to the Oktoberfest information not being correct.  Below you will find the correct link for more information.  Also, I have been notified that there is a critical need for additional Rotarians to sign up for the Rotary Leadership Institute.  More information is below. 

Club Presidents:
This is Notice of your club's opportunity to submit a nomination suggestion to the District's Nominating Committee for our 2019-2020 District Governor.   Please read the information carefully. 
The International Fellowship of Rotarian Educators is one of RI's newest fellowships.  The website for this new fellowship is www.rotarianeducators.org.  I encourage you to go to the website and see all the great efforts that are underway.  You will note that one does not have to be an educator or work in the field of education to be a member.  All you need is to have a passion for or an interest in education.  Membership is available for one year ($20US), three years ($50US) or a lifetime membership ($100US).  We have made it easy to make payment either with a credit card or through PayPal.  Check us out!

Attention all Club Global Grant Committee Chairs:
There are exciting upcoming changes to the RI Global grant application tool.  In December, it will become the Grant Center where you will see both a new look and a streamlined application.
As part of that change, RI is preparing a guide to explain each step of the updated application.  They plan to email this guide in November along with details on how the changes will affect grants at each stage.
The application's format and questions will change significantly.  RI would like to make sure all clubs are updated.  More information will be sent as it is developed. 

Most of us as Rotarians have found that special something called a "Rotary Moment" many times over.  These moments are what inspire us; without them we are not likely to last long in Rotary.  These moments provoke our emotions into action and many wonderful projects occur as a result.  I encourage all of you to think of your Rotary moment(s) and share your story.  In this edition of NewsBits, Dale and Lupita Proctor of the Route 78 Rotary Club tell of one of their moments, which inspired them into action.

While down in Ensenada volunteering at a Thousand Smiles Clinic, my wife and I were introduced to an interesting project happening in Ensenada that I call our Sewing Machine Project.
We noticed a couple of women were teaching some young mothers  how to sew.   We also learned that this effort also drew the attention of a local manufacturer who offered piece work to seamstresses who were qualified to do the work needed by their company.  Starting with a group of approximately eight women, they started taking on assignments out of their home allowing them to watch over their children at the same time.   These women went from dependent to independent with the ability to care for and support their families.  The program has now grown to more than 50 mothers.  The program touched our hearts in ways that are indescribable.  In a poverty stricken country, these women had a chance to be productive citizens, wage earners and good mothers all at the same time.  
This program is now being run by a social government organization called Unidad de Atencion a Groupos Vulnerables.  They train the women, fix the machines and set seamstresses  up with machines when one becomes available.  This is where we came in.  We wanted to make this program thrive and we have been working at finding used machines to provide to this organization. 
We'd love your help!  Share in our Rotary Moment.   If you or your family or friends have a sewing machine not in use, we want them.  There are literally millions of machines in the United States that haven't seen the light of day in a decade or more.  Other sources for acquiring these machines are garage sales, thrift shops and even Craig's List.  If you explain what it is for, many will discount or will just donate it to you.  We have had to pay up to $40 for some, but we will do it because the ROI is huge!  If you haven't the time,  a donation to the cause is always alternative way to help.  We pick up machines as we find them and we also provide fabric, buttons, zippers, pattern, etc.  All of it is so appreciated by these women.   We will be happy to pickup any machines, or sewing items you may have.  Together, we will empower these women to be self sufficient for a lifetime. 
For more information on how you can help, email dfproctor@gmail.com
Presenting a couple of machines to Groupos Vulnerables.  On the left, Ellen Daly who helps train the women; Dulce Gutierrez Men7doza, a coordinator; and on the right, Dale and Lupita Proctor from Route 78 Rotary Club.

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Joe Max of the Rancho Bernardo Rotary Club.  This is no ordinary birthday; some would say its even an extraordinary birthday.  Why?  Because last month, Joe turned 99 years young.  Extraordinary, because he is a very spry and active man for his age.   All the while putting service above self and continually thinking of others.
Joe was born on September 23, 1909 in Philadelphia, PA.  Now, a resident of Rancho Bernardo, he celebrated among family and friends his 99th birthday.  Joe retired from the Philadelphia Police Department after 32 years of walking the beat,  finishing his career as a sergeant.  After retiring, Joe had several consulting jobs in security positions working in the Belgian Congo, Vietnam and the United States.  He settled in El Cajon in the 1980s, joined the El Cajon Rotary Club and met his now wife, Roberta, (affectionately known as Peaches) at an El Cajon Elks dancing function.  Besides being a regular attendee at the Rancho Bernardo Rotary Club and frequently the club's joke teller, he and Peaches stay active by going dancing two to three nights a week!  We want to wish Joe a very Happy Birthday.  Congratulations for staying so young. 

NewsBits has a new editor!  
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Club Presidents:
This is Notice of your club's opportunity to submit a nomination suggestion to the District's Nominating Committee for our 2019-2020 District Governor.   Please read the information carefully. 

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