Posted by Marta Knight, DG
As we begin Week Three of being at home, I want to share some thoughts with you as District Governor, club member and, most of all, as your friend.
I am so proud of everything you are all doing with your Rotary family and with each other.  You are  truly living out our theme this year .... "Rotary Connects the World", and you are also "Making Good Things Happen Together with Love, Compassion and Joy".
We are in this together day-by-day - figuring it out as we go and in our own very individual way.  Club members need each other more than ever right now.  We can be there for them the best way we can.  Now is the time to share your own special "gift" with each other.  Be creative, kind, generous and reach out to each other.  Stay in touch by setting up a phone tree. Each member taking three names and checking in on each other just to say "hi, am thinking of you".
Start sharing what you are doing with each other.  You are all doing incredible acts of kindness.  Every club activity that I see shared on Facebook, I forward to our Rotary Members and District 5340 member groups.  That keeps us connected.
I am also excited that we have set up our District COVID-19 Relief Grants.  We are going to redirect $15,000 of District funds from events that were canceled to club matching grants of $250.  You can then be "ordinary people who get to do the extraordinary and change lives" within your community.
I am here for you.  I am trying to find a balance with staying informed with the news and not becoming too anxious.  What makes me happy is being connected with all of you and being there to support you for whatever comes ahead.  I know that when it does, we will be ready for it because we are Rotarians and People of Action.
Stay healthy and when FEAR comes into your mind, turn it around to F-family, flexibility, E-exercise, education, A attitude, activity, R- reassurance, reading and Rotary!
Marta Knight
District 5340 Governor