GREAT NEWS!  -  District 5340 will receive a $25,000 DISASTER RESPONSE GRANT from The Rotary Foundation to support Ukrainian refugees right here in our own District!  CONGRATULATIONS to James Morrison, District Foundation Treasurer and member of Point Loma Club and his team for getting approval of their Disaster Response Grant (DRG) for Ukrainian refugees in our local area in RECORD time!!  
How can you or your club help?
We need assistance with housing.  While temporary is appreciated, longer term housing is needed in order to minimize families moving from house to house on a frequent basis.  
In addition, we need Rotarian volunteers for various tasks in reaching out to families and directing assistance.
Since the conflict began, our District has been receiving Ukrainian refugees. Many families have mothers with small children, while the fathers remain in Ukraine. They are in need of food for host families, housing, clothing, transportation and more. 
If you or your club have identified families or want to volunteer, please click here.