Thank you to Rotary 5340 members who supported the Rotary e-Club of San Diego's Global e-Club District Grant "Keeping Guatemala Girls in School".  With this grant support, the Santa Lucia High School entrepreneurs (whose goal is to make sustainable eco-friendly products) have created two new products:
  1. Reusable washable menstrual pads, and 
  2. A unique glycerin soap made of activated charcoal, volcanic ash and other native ingredients. 
The first is for the young girls so they can remain in school when they have their periods.  If you liked to support this effort, you can make a donation of $10.00, which will support one girl who can't afford to buy this product.  It's important that you copy this website on your browser and click on it:  The hyperlink doesn't work for this URL.
The second product is a unique soap called Ecomaya, packaged in wax paper.  It comes in a beautiful bag made of Guatemalan fabric.  You now have an opportunity to purchase the soap developed by these students.  Rotarian, Maureen Duncan is going  to Guatemala December 15 - 20 and will be bringing back 200 packaged soaps.  She will be selling the soaps: one for $15; two for $25 and three for $30 and is taking orders now.  She will hand deliver the soaps to your home December 21 - 24.  If you'd like to purchase the soap, please order by email at  or by phone at (510) 867-1213. Or, you can send a check to Maureen Duncan, 314 Playa Blanca, Encinitas, CA  92024.  Proceeds will go back into the school program, allowing students to continue product development.