As District Governor, one of the most enjoyable things you get to do is visit all 69 clubs.  This past week on Thursday, I made my first club visit at lunch to my home club, the Rotary Club of Del Mar with President Matt Kurth.  I had the honor of many of our Past District Governors including District Governor Elect Dianne Crawford and District Governor Nominee Luis Carranza attend the meeting.  That evening, I made my second club visit to the Rotary Club of Chula Vista Sunrise with President Gina Woodard, and yes for dinner.  I love it when clubs meet at different time to accommodate their members.  Joining me on the club visits were my Chief Aide Kay Barron, my wife Donna with our Canine Companion puppy, Rosebud.
Today is National Vanilla Ice Cream Day.  Take a bow, vanilla. I scream, you scream, we all scream for…VANILLA ICE CREAM!  Yes, you remember correctly, last Sunday was National Ice Cream Day, what can I say, we love ice cream.