NewsBits needs your stories.  Please share about your club's activities such as socials, fundraisers, and projects.  It is important to document your club's successes.
To make easier, please review the following information about how to write your story. Here are some of the editing guidelines I use when I edit story submission I receive.
1. be conversational in tone.
2. vary the length of sentences
(the more educated, the more likely we are to write long sentences. I know from first hand experience as a dentist (retired) that professional journals are dry reading because sentences are long and complex.  Shorter sentences make an article easier to read quickly.   
3. Use active rather than passive voice. (example:  our club sponsored the event, not the event was sponsored by our club)
4. use short paragraphs - long paragraphs are difficult to read quickly
5. Don’t assume the reader knows facts. (e.g. history of an event)  
6. Be sure to cover the basics.  (who, what, where, when - date and time, why)
If you supply the basic information, I will be able to format it so that it will convey your message.  (A benefit to supplying a story to NewsBits is that I will format it so that you can use it on your club's website.  You can just  copy and paste it directly from the newsletter to your website) 
Use at least one photo or a logo to illustrate your story.  A photo of someone smiling and doing something associated with your story's subject is always good.  If you aren't sure about photos, send several.  Send them as RAW camera .jpg files (save them directly to your computer without choosing a choice such as "for websie or FaceBook.)  I always have to  edit them to make them fit the space in NewsBits so I can also edit the photo itself in the process.  Use the following link to submit your story:
This information will be available as a link under News on the task bar at the top of the District website homepage. I will also put a link to this information in future NewsBits newsletters.