International Service

Tecate House Build Project 2021

In December 2021, the Rotary Clubs of San Diego, Imperial Counties and Baja Mexico, in partnership with Project Mercy, built seven homes for impoverished families in Mexico. This project was led by Project Mercy with the Rotary Clubs volunteering their time, funding and energies to helping to build homes for families chosen by Project Mercy and members of the community itself. Over one full day, seven homes with windows, doors, a roof and a loft space along with an outhouse were built and painted by Rotary volunteers. The partnership with Project Mercy was essential to the project for organization, scheduling and community participation. If you are interested in learning more about this and other volunteer opportunities in your community and globally, contact a Rotary club in your area at Rotary 5340 List of Clubs.  We’d love to have you join us!


The Rochester NY Rotary, part of Rotary District 7120 formed Water for Sudan, Inc., in 2003 and teamed up with Rancho Santa Fe Rotary District 5340 in 2006. The mission of WFS is to drill borehole wells which bring safe drinking water to the people in Southern Sudan's most remote villages, transforming lives in the process. As of Jan 2011, WFS has successfully drilled 81 borehole wells, bringing clean, safe water to more than 129,000 people saving countless children's lives that would otherwise die by the age of 10 or go blind from waterborne diseases. For more information on how your Rotary Club can get involved, click here.


Rotary clubs worldwide are helping to save the lives of indigent children with heart disease by enabling them to receive needed heart surgery. To date, Gift of Life, a Rotarian based organization with tremendous support from The Rotary Foundation, has provided funding for more than 27,000 heart surgeries. Our focus is to develop sustainable pediatric cardio surgery centers of excellent wherever possible, to impact the lives of as many children, as possible. For more information on how you and your club can become part of this global network of caring, please contact: Dee Doe, Gift of Life Foundation Chair or Estelle Ebert, Secretary. And to learn more about Gift of Life, click here.



Rotary Clubs in District 5340 began funding microcredit programs throughout the world in 2003-2004. Since then the list of villages and communities among the poorest of the poor helped by this wonderful program have increased. Small loans to women start new businesses and provide for their families. Many clubs have used The Rotary Foundation Matching Grant program to help make dreams real for these individuals throughout the world. For more information on how your Rotary Club can get involved, click here.



The Shelter Box project was conceived and developed by a Rotarian in England in 2001. The mission is to deliver immediate relief to victims of natural and other disasters anywhere around the world. The large plastic container can hold a 10-person tent and a range of equipment, but it will vary based on the needs of the particular disaster. As of January 2007, shelter boxes have been sent to 31 different countries providing shelter for nearly 500,000 people. For more information on how your Rotary Club can get involved, click here.


Started by Rotarians in District 5340, Thousand Smiles focuses on care of the less fortunate children in Mexico who suffer from lack of dental care and from maxillo-facial deformities such as cleft palate. Four clinics take place each year and many Rotary Clubs join the effort. The volunteers, many of whom are Rotarians, are the backbone of the team and include both medical professionals and non-medical individuals. For more information on how your Rotary Club can get involved, click here.