Support for Club Secretaries

Club Secretaries play a vital role in ensuring member information is complete and up-to-date. We have prepared some additional FAQs for Club Secretaries below:

Now that the District has fully migrated to ClubRunner, does our Club member data automatically synchronize with Rotary International?

Rotary International and ClubRunner take member privacy very seriously. One of the key benefits of converting to ClubRunner was the ability to automatically synchronize data stored in ClubRunner with Rotary International. However, in order for the data to be shared, the Club President, Secretary or Executive must login to and confirm that Rotary has your permission to share data with ClubRunner. Next, the Club President, Secretary or individual with member access of 50 or higher must activate data synchronization within ClubRunner.

To help facilitate this, ClubRunner has published a very convenient step-by-step guide to activating data synchronization. The guide can be downloaded by clicking here, and will walk you through the process. Once data synchronization is activated, you and your Club will benefit from being able to enter data only once, and have it appear in Rotary International and ClubRunner's database. In other words, enter it once and you're done.

How do I report attendance in the new system?

All attendance information dating back to July 1, 2013 should now be entered into the new website. In fact, ClubRunner has created a useful video on the steps to take to track Attendance in the new system:

To input a club's attendance:
  • Login to the District website, and go to the Administration page.
  • Click on Clubs Attendance Management, under the "District, Clubs and Membership" section.
  • Click on Enter Club's Attendance Figures.
  • Click on Input next to the appropriate club. You will see input boxes for 2 pieces of information: number of members and percentage of attendance. This will appear for each month so far in the year up until last month.
  • Enter the numbers into the appropriate boxes.
  • Press Save, or Return to cancel changes.

How do I update committee assignments?

The Committees Module is designed to organize and manage all your club committees in a centralized location. You now have a place to exclusively store your committee lists, list all members, chairs and secretaries associated with each committee, and create its own directory listing, complete with links to member profiles, email and phone numbers.

On the home page, you will find a complete listing of all yearly and standing committees along with their corresponding chairs.

This page is organized by services and their directors, followed by all committees under that particular service.

What is a member’s "access level"? How can I change it?

There are 7 types of access levels:

30           Site Administrator
40           Club President
50           Club Executive
60           Editor
70           Member
80           Restricted Member
90           No Access

Click here for a table that compares the permissions for each level. Members with Club Executive access level or higher can change member’s access by following the steps below:

  • Click on Active Member List under Membership Manager
  • Click on the member’s name to access their profile.
  • Click on the Settings tab
  • Click on Edit
  • Click on the Club Access Level drop down box
  • Select the desired level
  • Click on Save
How do I add a new member?

Adding a new member is relatively straightforward. Plus, since ClubRunner syncs with Rotary International, any information you input on your new member will be transmitted to RI. Here are the steps for adding a new member: 
  • Login and go to the Admin page.
  • Click on Clubs & Membership Details under the "District, Clubs & Membership" section.
  • Click on Members next to the club. This will show you the club members for that club.
  • Click on Add New Member, and fill in the first name, last name, login name and temporary password, plus any information available.
  • Press Save.
When selecting a login name, it's important to remember that login names must be unique throughout the entire ClubRunner system. A good login name to use is the member’s email address.

How do I delete a member?

If you want to delete a member entirely from the website, there are 2 steps you can take. First you must change their status to an Ex-member. This is recommended in order to keep information on the member in case he or she returns, as well as keep in touch with them. If you want to indefinitely remove them from your website, you must delete them from the Other Users listing. 

To mark a member as an Ex-member:
  • Login and go to the Admin page.
  • Click on Clubs & Membership Details under the "District, Clubs & Membership" section.
  • Click on Mark EX next to the member. You will be asked if you want to mark this member as an Ex Member, as a confirmation.
  • Press OK. You should now see this member listed under the Other Users list.
To delete a user:
  • Login and go to the Admin page.
  • Click on Clubs & Membership Details under the "District, Clubs & Membership" section.
  • Click on Delete next to the user. That user's profile will open as a confirmation.
  • Scroll down and click on Delete to remove this user, or Cancel if you don't want to delete the user.