Expanded Eligibility in District Grants

District Designated Funds (DDF) allocated during 2013-2014

Club Rotary Foundation Committee Manual - basic manual for Club Rotary Foundation Committees
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Grant Management Manual
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Global grant learning resources
We have two new resources that will help you learn more about applying for global grants. A handy reference document walks you through the online global grant application, providing tips and screenshots. A presentation offers 10 ways you can improve your global grant application.
Find even more information about global grants at

How to find Global Grant Projects -- John Fistere
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How to complete your 2014-2015 District Grant
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Grant Management Seminar PPT – District Grants
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Grant Management Seminar PPT – Global Grants
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Club Qualification Memorandum of Understanding
To qualify for sponsoring a Global Grant during 2017-2018, the club's 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 presidents need to sign this form.

Clubs qualified to sponsor Global Grants -- with questions about or to update this list, contact John Fistere
- See more at: