District 5340's sole reason for existing is to support Rotary clubs within its boundaries and operates with volunteer support. The District provides support and resources to assist clubs in serving their members and communities. A variety of positions are available on District committees which include, Membership, Training, Public Image, Youth, International, District and Projects & Events. There is a special need for several Sergeant-at-Arms to help manage our events. Most positions require 1 year of Rotary membership, Assistant Governor positions require 5 years of membership.  
District positions are filled by Rotarians from clubs throughout the District, Rotarians just like you, who are passionate about service and supporting fellow Rotarians. When you serve at the district level you will expand your Rotary knowledge, enhance your Rotary experience, share your skills and professional experience by helping others accomplish their goals and you will make new friends.  
 If you are interested in learning more, contact DGN Dianne Crawford, at dcsandiego@yahoo.com.