Chula Vista Sunrise Rotary Club (CVSRC) is aware that due to COVID-19, most Rotary clubs are starting to move to online meetings.  This switch can be challenging, but also come with exciting new opportunities to connect with people from all over the world.
If your club is looking for virtual speakers during this transition, CVSRC would like to recommend Maxie Gluckman who runs a wonderful project their club is sponsoring for the 2020-21 Rotary Year in Honduras.  "Train for Change" empowers Honduran teacher leaders through professional development to improve the quality of education for one million children in the most impoverished areas of the country.
Over the last year, a lot has happened in Honduras and the Honduran experience has been central to many recent news articles.  As Maxie has been working on the ground for seven years now and two years through an incredible Rotary Global Grant led by the Rotary E-Club of San Diego Global, she believes that there are many stories that have gone untold.  Maxie would love to share with your club these stories and the power of Rotarian generosity, including:
  • The lived experiences and resilience of teachers and children in Honduras.
  • Examples of Rotary-grown leaders that are pushing for change at many levels.
  • How these leaders are innovating in response to the current conditions of education due to COVID-19
  • The impact Rotary Global Grant #1747029 has had in transforming these conditions by improving the educational experiences for greater than 4,000 children (to date) in some of the most impoverished regions of Honduras.
Please consider having Maxie speak to your club about the "Train for Change" and if you are inspired like our club, use your DDF funds to support this important grant.  Please contact Maxie at