It's time to start planning this year's Rotary 4-Way Test Speech Contest.  The District's 4-Way Test Speech Contest is a huge amount of fun for the clubs and the students and is one way for us to recruit future Rotarians!  Together we can offer a hand in helping our youth find their voice for the future. There are several good reasons to participate.  Click read more to find out what they are.  
  • The ability to craft and present a persuasive argument is an essential prerequisite to success in any field, and vital for a young person to learn.  Many schools do not offer this training, but our contest does – and spreads the word about Rotary at the same time.
  • Students also benefit by winning cash prizes – up to $1000 for the winner of the District Finals.  (All District final prizes are provided by the District).
  • Your club can benefit by having an exciting meeting with this Youth Service program of student speakers at modest cost and, in the process, develop or strengthen your relationship with your local schools.
Last year, 12 clubs joined the competition, advancing 20 students from their club contests in February.  This year, Covid willing, we are hoping to increase participation.
If your club is already planning to participate, THANK YOU and welcome back!!  For those whose clubs have not been participating, please click here to download our Guide for Getting Started, which includes details and tips about the contest, as well as links to videos of excellent speeches and speakers from previous competitions.
If you decide to participate, please schedule your club’s competition before the end of February 2023 and notify Rob Taylor, District 5340 Chair, Rotary 4-Way Test Speech Competition at  Please include who your club's Speech Contest liaison is.  For any questions, please feel free to contact Rob at (203) 226-6202.