As your District Governor for 2024/25, I am thrilled to embark on this journey with you under the inspiring theme, "The Magic of Rotary." This year, we have unparalleled opportunities to serve more, to make a greater impact and implement new ideas. As we celebrate the end of another good year of service, we need to ask ourselves: Is this the best we can do? Is this all we can do? The world needs Rotary now more than ever, we need to do better than good. We need to challenge and push ourselves past good and REACH FOR GREAT!
On this 4th of July weekend, let's ponder how our Rotary initiatives can further freedom and peace. By leveraging our varied skills and passions, we can forge a world where these essential values are accessible to all. Let's unite to make this year exceptionally magical by surpassing the usual and accomplishing the remarkable.
Your commitment and dedication to positive change are invaluable. We are the Magic of Rotary! Let's ensure this is the most outstanding year yet for District 5340.