Dr. Kevin Glynn, a Rotarian with the Old Mission Rotary Club and a retired Pulmonologist and Medical Director for Scripps Health, recently published a book entitled Gasping for Air: How Breathing is Killing Us and What We Can Do About It.  Dr. Glynn is passionate about public health.  He  has been a member of the Rotary District 5340's "Don't Wait to Vaccinate" Committee and was involved in the Rotary support for the film "The Invisible Threat". 
Tuberculosis (TB) worldwide strikes over nine million people and results in 1.5 million deaths each year.  San Diego has a higher than average rate of TB than the rest of the USA; 57 per 100,000 personas as opposed to 3 per 100,000 persons.  This is due to San Diego' position along the Mexican border.  Dr. Kevin Glynn has redirected his energy and expertise into educating the public about the alarming rise of TB cases in San Diego and is available to make presentations to Rotary Clubs in District 5340.  Club program chairs can reach Dr. Glynn at kevpglynn@san.rr.com.