COVID-19 Relief Grants
District 5340
District Governor, Marta Knight has released $15,000 from her annual district budget that was to be used for canceled district events.
These funds will be available as matching funds for clubs to do projects related to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.  Each club will be entitled to up to $250 in matching funds for an approved project related to relief efforts for the current COVID-19 crisis.  These projects may address such items as food insecurity, access to personal protection equipment, shelter insecurity, education/outreach, etc.
Deadline for submission of these grants is April 30, 2020.  Grants will be reviewed, approved and paid out upon receipt to allow rapid deployment in our communities.  
Process to apply is as follows:
  1. Go to, click "District Grants", click "Submit Project" and enter your project idea.  Be sure to select the 2019-2020 Rotary year.
  2. Project title should be COVID-19 followed by your own wording specific for your project.  Starting the project title with COVID-19 will alert the Grants Committee that this is a special project being submitted under these special grant rules.
  3. For the budget section, enter the amount of club funds that your club intends to contribute to the project.
  4. Enter the total budget, which should be $250 more than the club funds your club intends to contribute if your club has pledged $250 or more to the project.  
    1. Example: Club contribution is $250, total budget would be $500.
    2. Example: Club contribution is $400, total budget would be $650
  5. If your club intends to contribute less than $250, you may double the club contribution and enter that into the total budget.
  6. The grant application needs to be electronically signed by the club president and the project's primary contact.  If they are the same person, the treasurer should be the second signatory.
  7. Checks will be issued in your club name.  You must securely upload under "documents" at, the mailing address where you want the check mailed.  
  8. Upon completion of your project, you must submit a final report online.  If this report is not completed by August 1, 2020, your club will not be eligible to receive DDF funds for District Grants for the 2020-2021 Rotary year.
If you have any questions please email Janice Kurth at