September is Basic Education and Literacy Month for Rotary.  This is one of Rotary’s six areas of focus.  We all know how critical reading and writing are for success in life – for gaining information, communicating, making agreements, and so forth.  Enhancing Basic Education skills and Literacy are essential in reducing poverty, improving health, encouraging community and economic development, and promoting peace.  Improvements can reduce maternal death, improve childhood survivability, and reduce poverty.  They can also enable success in business or a profession. 
Projects undertaken by a Rotary Club can address low adult literacy, returning youth to school, enhancing student performance, or supplementing limited school resources.  Listed below are examples of a number of projects in which clubs are engaged. 
Call to Action:  Consider how your club is, or could be, MAKING A DIFFERENCE by supporting basic education and literacy in your community or somewhere else in the world.