Around the world, some 773 million people over the age of 15 are illiterate. Most of them are women. Many of them are locked in poverty by a lack of education and opportunity. In the September edition of the Rotary magazine, they will take you on a photographic tour of a Rotary-supported literacy project in Guatemala that is changing lives by helping children to stay in school and inspiring them to dream big.  Click "Read More" for additional information and the link to this article.  
Click here or on the magazine photo to read the Rotary Magazine's September 2022 issue focused on Literacy. The link will take you to your digital copy, which you can read using any common web browser.
For many people, especially adults, the gift of literacy can be a second chance — at opportunity and a better life. In another of this month's features, you'll read about a Rotarian who found his own second chance in the spoken word and performance, turning his addiction into theatrical art — and providing new roles for other former addicts.
Rotary's work in supporting basic education and literacy is also on display in our "Where are they now?" story about a Liberian refugee who is building a learning center to inspire young people in his home country.