Photo L-R:  District Governor Chuck Pretto, Janice Kurth, Marge Cole, Ron Kohl and Larry Lundsford
The Rotary Foundation’s Cruise to Change Lives fundraiser went above and beyond expectations. Participants were honored to have Larry Lunsford, Rotary International Trustee and his wife Jill, as well as Chuck Pretto, current District Governor and his wife Kim on board. A Rotary Group dinner was attended by 49 people where inspiring words from Larry, Chuck and Ron Kohl were shared. Janice Kurth made an unexpected announcement that the group exceeded fundraising expectations with the support of Rotarians, (and friends and family of Rotarians) of $264,300! The number continued to soar and by the time they reached the end of the cruise, their fundraising efforts reached a grand total of $375,000!! Many thanks to all the cruisers for your extreme generosity. We are so grateful for your extraordinary efforts! Click Read More for the complete story.
Cruise Highlights:
What a plus it was to have an opportunity to give back to Rotary while exploring Europe. The traveling Rotarians’ Amawaterways adventure began with a pre-cruise trip in Vienna and Austria. AmaWaterways guides gave a wonderful tour of Vienna and Rotarians were even connected with local Viennese Rotarians. 
Their cruise adventure began as they boarded the Amawaterways Amamagna, the largest river cruise ship in Europe. They cruised down the Danube River through five countries, from Budapest, Hungary to Giurgiu, Romania. Rave reviews were given for both the cruise and the well-attentive staff.  After seven days on the Danube, some of the cruising Rotarians opted for a post-cruise trip to Istanbul, Turkey, where they attended a local Rotary club meeting. Others went to Bucharest, Romania and the hometown of Dracula, Transylvania.
What a pleasure it was to witness the many happy Rotarians, knowing they have memories that will last a lifetime, and which they can share with fellow Rotarians well into the future.