Every year the Rosarito Rotary Club in conjunction with the La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Club in San Diego, takes students ages 3-11 to the San Diego Zoo.  Students come from various schools in Rosarita, Mexico.      After a short meeting at 5:30 am on the steps of the State Building, 36 excited children and 7 adults ran to the bus, leaving the area at 7:15 am and arriving at the border close to 8:00 am.  The border officers lined riders and took them inside the beautiful federal building.  The kids were so excited, holding their certificates in order to cross into the United States.  
The bus arrived at the Zoo at approximately 9:00 am.  There, Dr. Bennis Bucko and another Rotarian, Melanie Gesschwind, CPA of the La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Club (LJJGTRC) were patiently waiting.   LJGTRC paid for the Mexican bus, adult entrance tickets, food, drinks and chocolate bars.  Once inside the Zoo, it was disclosed that the petting area was closed due to construction.  The group decided to embark on exploring the flamingos, birds, monkeys, etc.  Following lunch, the group boarded a zoo bus that took them all around the Zoo.  The conductor spoke Spanish and shared information about the  animals in the enclosures.  The elephants and giraffes were of particular interest.
Following the bus tour, the group had a couple of hours to wander and explore areas of interest, including several stores where they purchased items such as rubber snakes, etc.   At 3:00 pm, everyone was loaded back onto the Mexican bus to return home.  The group didn't have to disembark at the border and was able proceed directly to Rosarita following a brief border patrol check of the bus, arriving about 5:15 pm.  Children met their parents with big broad smiles and many stories to tell.