The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in extreme challenges to the local families who require childcare.  Specifically, the closing of schools has left families scrambling for childcare as parents return to the workforce.
The Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego: 4S Ranch support these local families through programs providing the opportunity to use computers, complete arts and crafts, engage in educational activities, and remain active while social distancing.  Due to the additional restrictions imposed by CDC guidelines, the resulting impact increased the costs for these programs four-fold.  Recently, the Rancho Bernardo Rotary Club (RB) met Danny Sherlock, President and CEO and Roy Cornett, RB Rotarian and Director of the 4S Ranch Boys and Girls Club to present a $4,000 grant to support these summer programs.  This grant coupled with an earlier grant approval of  $1,500 will provide individual scholarships for over 80 children in the 4S Ranch area.
Photos:  RB Rotarians, Doug Dawson, Don Glover, Roy Cornett, Dave King and Mike Fugua. Boys and Girls Representatives, Roy Cornett, Dave King and Danny Sherlock