The Art Pratt Foundation of Old Mission Rotary recently presented two grants - one to Partnerships with Industry for $6050 and the other to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego for $3500.
The vision of Partnerships with Industry (PWI) is "to create opportunities for more adults with disabilities to enter the workforce in San  Diego County by providing no cost vocational assessment, job preparation, job placement and support.  PWI is built on the premise that every adult with a disability, willing to work, has the ABILITY to be an active part of the workforce and society."  The Art Pratt Foundation funds will be used to update computer laptops that are essential to track the work assignments and hours of their clients.
The grant funds for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego will be used for scholarships for children of low income families attend the clubs' program throughout San Diego County.
Photo L-R: Art Pratt Foundation president Lee Kaminetz, PWI President and CEO  Rich Israel, Art Pratt Foundation board of directors members Eric Benink, Phil Yates, Mark McAnelly, Judi Copeland and Bob Chalfa
Photo L-R:  Executive Secretary Stan Vogelsang with Vice President of Development at Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego and Old Mission Rotary member Michelle Malin