Update on PDG Chuck Pretto:

Chuck goes back to the hospital on August 23rd to begin the process for his stem cell transplant.  He expects to be in the hospital for five weeks.  Then once home, he will need to “shelter at home” to rebuild his immune system.  He very much appreciates everyone’s supports, prayers and well wishes.  Once in the hospital, he can’t receive flowers, but he loves receiving the cards, emails and calls, when appropriate.
Today is National Radio Day to recognize the great invention of the radio. Celebrate the news, information, music, and stories carried across the airwaves.  You may be asking yourself, why does our District Governor care?  I am an FCC licensed amateur radio operator, general class, with the call sign KJ6NQQ.  I am a member of an organization that talks every night at 7 PM across the Western United States to be ready for emergency radio use when conventional communication is no longer available.  Let’s hope that never happens.  http://www.goldenbearnet.org/