Daylight Savings Time ended today at 2 am.  If you have not yet, set your clocks back one hour.  I am a morning person, up at 5 am so I can be in the pool for my swim workouts at UCSD Canyonview Aquatics Center Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6 am.  As a result, I get up at the same time every day.  I use the time in the morning for me.  My Rotary Club of Del Mar recently had a speaker, Jarvis Leverson, The Morning Hero @the.morninghero talking about getting up early with a structured routine and being intentional with every minute of the day.  I thought he was one of the better speakers I have heard for personal growth.  
November is Rotary Foundation Month and as part of this week's 2023 Rotary Zone 26/27 Insitute at the Town and County Resort, we will be celebrating on Friday the Rotary Foundation at the Rotary Foundation Gala, Disco Inferno. We are going to have fun.  I hope to see you there!