This past Saturday, District 5340 held its Membership Seminar where District Membership Chair, Dianne Crawford discussed a wide variety of membership issues and challenges facing clubs today.  Dianne relayed that it was critical for clubs to keep an up-to-date website and have a presence on social media sites.  She stressed  lively meetings and excellent speakers as paramount to attracting new members. Additionally, Dianne noted following up with potential members after they have visited a club is a key element of securing new members.  
During the seminar, Old Mission Rotary Club was recognized for gaining 17 members last Rotary year.  Club president, Bob Chalfa explained to attendees that there is no substitute for a personal invitation to a potential member.  
Attendees left the seminar packed with useful information to help clubs attract and retain membership.  Tell us what your club is doing?  Submit your stories to Sandy Pugliese, NewsBits editor at
Photo: Many clubs were represented including L-R Gordon Shurtieff of Torrey Pines Rotary Club; Alex Robertson of the Rotary Club of Rancho Bernardo and Bob Chalfa of Old Mission Rotary Club.