Erika Rodriguez is this year's District Rotaract Representative (DRR), who will be the point of contact for all things Rotaract in our District, alongside Jessie Case, Rotaract District Chair. The DRR provides support to all the Rotaract Clubs, grows the Rotaract brand awareness, and oversees the Rotaract District council.
This year, Erika wants to focus on the following
  • Growing Rotaract clubs in our District by setting foundational marketing strategies and video-based resources
  • Help transition Rotaractors to Rotary Clubs by introducing a young professionals pricing structure Encourage Rotaract Clubs to have an environmental committee to work on projects and grants that are centered around our 7th area of focus 
Rotary clubs can invite Erika as a speaker for their club meetings to educate members on the status of Rotaract in our District. Learn more about our Rotaract District by visiting or email Erika at
Erika has been in the Rotary family for 15 years, starting with Interact. She first joined Rotaract at USD, serving as the President of USD Rotaract in 2012 and also joining a Rotaract club while studying abroad in Sydney, Australia. After graduating from USD, Erika chartered Pacific Beach Rotaract, a community-based Rotaract Club in 2016, and is still an active member. Erika regularly attends the Rotary Conventions that happen every year in June, and Melbourne will be her 6th convention. In 2019, Erika was the US Ambassador for the Rotaract Pre-Convention in Hamburg and was a Director of Big West Rotaract MDIO, supporting Rotaract clubs on the west coast of North America. This will be Erika’s second time as DRR for our District, serving in 2017-2018, and she’s excited to bring her marketing expertise to the role.
Erika is a marketing consultant and specializes in helping eco-conscious small- and medium-sized businesses.