Recently, the La Mesa Sunrise Rotary Club received a "thank you" for  their efforts in supporting Jewish Family Service's homeless outreach program.  In the spirit of sharing the many good works our Rotary clubs do and the impact realized as a result of their efforts, we'd like to share their story in the form of a thank you letter from Jewish Family Services.
Dear La Mesa Sunrise Rotary:
Last night you helped feed not only bellies but souls!  All of us at Jewish Family Services would like to offer our sincerest graditude to each of you for serving dinner to the Safe Parking Program.  Our families and individuals were so happy to have such a delicious, comforting dinner of chili and cornbread - and to see your warm, friendly smiles.  It was wonderful to have your club return for another dinner and you all did a fantastic job!
With help from people like you we are working to support families through the challenges of homelessness and move them towards more permanent housing solutions and total well-being.  To learn more about just one recent success story, click here to follow the journey of Zockie, Imani, and Tahj from the Safe Parking Program to their new home.
You too can get involved.  Help Jewish Family Services keep the dinners coming!  Clubs can reserve a date to serve dinner by clicking here