On March 26, San Diego Coastal Rotary Club partnered with Coronado Rotary Club as well as PB Rotaract Club to help San Diego Coastkeepers clean up a riverbed in the Otay Valley Regional Park. This beautiful park surrounds the river and wetlands that run to the South Bay National Wildlife Refuge - part of the larger San Diego Bay Refuge Complex. Ranger Moises says that we picked up about 200 pounds of trash (mostly plastic) and helped haul away a 40 cubic yard trailer of debris from invasive trees in the area. Unfortunately, this was only a small amount of the work that needs to get done to keep our sensitive watershed areas healthy. All participants are enthusiastic supporters of Rotary's 7th area of focus and are planning on many more projects like this come.
Here is the link to the professional YouTube video that was made to an earlier similar project. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKwo8Z9PZCc