Since 1939 the Rotary Club of Carlsbad has been actively supporting the community.  In conjunction with our satellite club at the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Rotary Camp Pendleton, and the community we will be able to support the 25,000 Marines who cycle through the rigorous training on base.
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This project would build/rehab a "clubhouse" at SOI for the Marines to relax after a tough day of training. We know the impact of stress reduction on day-to-day mental health during the best of times. The intensity of the programs and training for our military extend well beyond what many experience. Supporting positive mental health outlets is one way to show our support, not only of our local Marines, but it also goes a long way to demonstrate our recognition of the internal pressures they face. 
"The ask" is for our community members, businesses and organizations to get involved by gathering funds. Many hands make light work! If enough of us come together we can move the needle and get this project completed at Area 51, School of Infantry. Let's show the love and support for our troops before, during and after they fight for our freedom.