Grants Training Goes Online
This year, we are offering our Grants training online for those clubs that wish to do Global and/or District Grants.  Clubs must complete the training(s) and the quizzes which go with them to be eligible to apply for grants in the 2020/2021 Rotary year.  Dates for these grants and other information are included in the trainings listed below.  
Global Grants Training Information
The Global Grants Training will be taught by District 5340's District Global Grants Chair and Past District Governor, Janice Kurth.  Clubs will need to follow the directions in the PowerPoint training,  If you have questions, Janice is available for more information.  Her email contact information is provided in the PowerPoint.  Clubs will also need to complete a Memorandum of Understanding and have their Annual Fund Giving Goals on the My Rotary website.
District Grants Training Information
District Grants training will be offered under the tutelage of District Grants Chair, Elana Levens-Craig with help from Major Gifts Chair, Mike Whitehurst.  There is a quiz when the training is finished, which will need to be completed to be qualified to complete a District Grant.  Clubs will need to have their Annual Giving Goals for the Rotary Foundation identified on the My Rotary website.  District Grants are due on August 1, 2020.
Link for Grants Training  To review the material for Global Grants, click on Global Grants Seminar and scroll to the bottom where you will find a video to watch.  For District Grants, Go District Grants and click on District Grants Training and scroll to the bottom to find the training video.  To be eligible to participate in grants, two members of your club must attend the training.