Old Mission Rotary collaborated with Club Rotarian, Gary John Collins, who is the owner of the Air Conditioned Lounge located in North Park to produce a live stream of jazz music.  Collin's nightclub is closed but that didn't stop Gary from organizing a live stream concert with Ghost Jazz Trio that aired April 1.  The purpose was to entertain and Connect the Community as well as raise money for the Jacobs and Cushman San Diego Food Bank.
The food bank reported that the concert raised enough money to provide 6,345 meals to those in need!  Old Mission Rotary contributed $800.  
Special thanks to Gary John Collins of Old Mission Rotary for organizing and donating his venue for the event!
Additional thanks goes to the Ghost Jazz Trio who donated their time and talents!  The Ghost Jazz Trio is made up of Fusionfingers Morgan on guitar, Casper Paludan on drums and Aaron Seener on bass.  David Blood served as the event's techie, also volunteering his talents to live stream the event from three cameras.