Want to grow your club?  Sign Up to volunteer at the Switchfoot BroAM and extend an invitation to friends in the surfing community to join as well.  Rotary District 5340 is thrilled to support this event along with Surfers Unite Rotarian Fellowship as they have been one of the largest volunteer organizations annually supporting the BroAM as well as a sponsor.  What is the BroAM?  Imagine 17,000 on the sand at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas for a full day of surf contests, surf jousting (knocking folks off surfboards with sticks) and 5 hours of live music including local bands and Grammy Award artists Switchfoot.  Need a clip to better understand it?  Here ya go!  https://youtu.be/nRo0viR0szc.
"That's right after 2 years of COVID we're back in my hometown" says Brett Morey, Founder of Surfers Unite and Past President of the Rotary Club of La Jolla Golden Triangle.  "This is a great outreach opportunity to serve, invite friends to volunteer and recruit potential members to the family of Rotary."  According to Brett, those working the Surfers Unite booth have gathered 100 to 150 names each year including email addresses and mobile numbers from folks interested in learning more about Rotary, Rotaract and Interact.  The event also raises over $200k a year for local non-profits including: A Step Beyond, Challenged Athletes Foundation, Feeding San Diego, Monarch School and Save the Music Foundation.  The Surfers Unite booth will be on the sand between CAF and the Judges Tower at D Street and each year they have met people who are former Rotary Scholarship Award recipients, GSE recipients and even folks who were once in MUN, RYLA, Interact or Rotaract.  It's time to harvest the seeds we plant each and every day as Rotarians!  Please use this opportunity to sign up, serve and help recruit potential members to join the family of Rotary.  Share this opportunity by serving as a family and invite others to do the same.  Text "BroAM" to 858-602-2532 or register today at: www.surfersunite.org/events.