Happy New Rotary Year!  Welcome to what I hope will be a weekly column called "Monday Musings" about things going on in our clubs, District and the Rotary world.
I hope you enjoy it.  And, even if you don't, I hope you read it.  You can always email me at or call me at (858) 344-1813 and tell me what's on your mind. 
We have just closed our Rotary year 2019-2020.  And, what a year it was!  Can we turn the page on last year's Rotary year and start anew?  Maybe.  Maybe not.
Should old acquaintance be forgotten and never brought to mind for Auld Lang Syne?  What does that mean exactly?  Does that mean we should not forget old acquaintances?  Does it mean we should remember them?  But that's not possible since we just forgot them.  I digress......
This past Rotary year challenged us in ways we could never anticipated.  Past District Governor, Marta Knight navigated us through this COVID-19 time with strength, dignity and grace.  It is now up to us to build on that success and ingenuity and propel us to even greater heights.
For now, we are meeting by Zoom and not in person.  We did not stop doing projects and doing good in our communities and the world because of the pandemic.  We became creative and eager to find ways to help despite the pandemic.  And, we will continue to do good because we are Rotary.
I am very optimistic that we collectively (clubs and District) will come through this time stronger than ever.  We have adapted to the new reality.  We have the antidote for giving back, for doing good and for warding off loneliness due to isolation.  We stand ready to serve no matter the situation.  WE ARE ROTARY!  
In the coming weeks and months, I look forward to visiting your clubs and learning more about each of you and your communities you serve, and how we (the District) can best serve you.