Posted by Christine Sommer
Currently a total of twenty-one (21) clubs in Rotary District 5340 are qualified to receive the Rotary Citation for 2017-18. This represents one-third of all clubs in the entire district, the highest percentage of clubs to achieve the annual Citation in recent memory. Those clubs currently showing as achieving the Rotary Citation include:
Brawley (NEW!)
Fallbrook (NEW!)
San Diego (NEW!)
Many clubs are just one or two goals away from achieving this tremendous honor. With the June 30th reporting deadline nearly here, there is still time for your club to join this prestigious list by completing your Rotary Citation Goals on 
Make sure you have entered the Rotary Citation Goals your club has completed toward the Rotary Citation by selecting goals from the 2017-18 Rotary Citation Achievement Guide. Each of these goals must be entered under the Rotary Citation tab on the Club Goals page. Once you have entered your goals, mark the completed goals under the tab that corresponds to the achievement. Make sure you have entered goals under each of the 6 tabs:
  • Members & Engagement
  • Rotary Foundation Giving
  • Service
  • Young Leaders
  • Public Image and
  • Rotary Citation

It is very important to note that  you will need to enter the Rotary Citation Goals and show they are completed on or BEFORE June 30, 2018. Check the Rotary Citation Achievement Guide for more information.
Presidents Elect who have not entered goals for the 2018-19 Rotary year are reminded to also do this, and remember to update goal completion throughout the year. Rotary International will automatically update some of your goals for you, but others must be entered by you as they are completed. 
There is help available if you need it! Please contact your Assistant Governor or Christine Sommer for assistance as you complete the process.  
Your club has worked so hard to make a difference this year, and it is time for some recognition. Let's make it happen, and ensure your club receives the honor it so richly deserves.