The San Diego Downtown Breakfast Club has a project to help micro entrepreneurs referred by the International Rescue Committee in San Diego (IRC) and the Family Health Centers of San Diego (FHCSD).  The Club has been taking donations to pay local small business, tailors who have lost jobs and livelihoods in this crisis, to sew 100% cotton face masks to be donated to FHCSD.  Over 2,000 face masks have been donated so far and a good portion of them have gone to supply the homeless population who have been moved into the San Diego Convention Center.
You can help by supporting this project with a donation.  You can also order masks for yourselves or for one of your club's own charities of choice, workers in assisted living facilities or other areas of need.  By doing this your club is  helping save precious N95 and other hospital grade protection gear for our brave healthcare professionals on the front lines.  
The tailor use two patterns recommended by US hospitals:
If you are interested in supporting this cause or wanting to purchase masks, please contact Pauline Lim-Endresen at: