As COVID-19 infections begin to level and government shelter-in-place and similar orders expire, Rotary districts and clubs are confronted with the complexities of determining how and when to resume in-person gatherings.  
We must base our decisions on the health and safety of our members, while maintaining compliance with government and health regulations.  COVID-19 will be part of our Rotary planning until a proper prevention or vaccine is readily available.  
Johrita Solari, our Zone 26 Director asked for a committee to come up with the following document to help clubs make decisions about in-person meetings.  Our Rotary organization is a compilation of autonomous clubs with cultural, social, and community-based values that preclude a one-size-fits-all approach for club decisions about resuming in-person meetings. 
This document is developed to help our Rotary clubs and leadership with consideration and resources for the discussions and decisions they undertake at this difficult time.  The primary goal of this document is to help Rotarians consider the safety and health of our members.
You may download the PDF version here.