Club presidents are being tasked with selecting the next representative on the Nominating Committee that selects the President of Rotary International. The election will be determined by Club Presidents in electronic balloting that will be sent out by May 15, 2018. All ballots will be due back no later than June 30, 2018.

Every April, the RI Secretariat sends out an email to all past RI directors in half of the Rotary zones asking if they want to serve on the Nominating Committee for RI President. This year, a total of four candidates expressed an interest.

The Rotary International Bylaws provide that if there are two or more eligible past directors from any zone who have indicated to the general secretary that they wish to serve as a member of the Nominating Committee for RI President, the member (and alternate) shall be elected by the clubs in the zone.  Rotary District 5340 is part of Zone 26.

This vote will be conducted electronically over the internet using a secure third-party voting system for its elections called Simply Voting.

Each club president in Rotary District 5340 will receive an email from Rotary International before May 15, 2018 inviting them to vote for their club’s choice of member on the committee. The email will contain a link to the third-party voting company, where the ballot is held and managed. Each voter will get an elector ID and password and can only cast one vote. It is a secure, confidential, fraud-proof system.  Ballots must be cast no later than June 30, 2018.