As we acclimate during this unique time, we are truly inspired by the many ways Rotarians continue to connect with one another.  Club presidents have the ability to decide what they want their club meetings to look like.  For example, you might want to take advantage of the many online meeting platforms. 
Keep in mind that the Standard Rotary Club Constitution Article 7, Section 1-D details that a club can cancel their meetings due to an outbreak such as this.  
Club and District Support Fourth Quarter Highlights:
Helpful Links to a Few of the Online Meeting Platforms:
  • Zoom Basic Free -  It is strongly recommended that when you set up your meetings you have them password protected since there have been cybersecurity reports showing a high increase of "highjacking" of Zoom meetings and hosting accounts. 
  • GoTo Meetings Free -
  • Google Hangout Free - Google Hangout