On Saturday November 5th, members of Surfers Unite Rotarian Fellowship met at Tower 13 in Mission Beach for a fun clean up event.  Wearing sports jerseys from the NFL, Padres and San Diego Soccers the crew picked up plenty of trash as well as removed at least four dead birds from the shoreline.  According to Founder of Surfers Unite and Past President of the Rotary Club of La Jolla Golden Triangle Brett Morey “This is the fifth beach cleanup we have had at Mission Beach and the reality is we find trash in the sand, parking lot and grass areas every time.”  The crew included members of Pacific Beach Rotaract, San Diego Coastal, Rotary Club of La Jolla Golden Triangle and friends in the community.  In fact, according to Morey, “One of our volunteers (Ron) is an individual we met at the Switchfoot BroAM and are plugging him into a local Rotary club. 
We also met others on the sand interested in helping with future clean up events.”  You won’t want to miss the next crazy and fun event or those being organized for 2023.  In fact, we would encourage you to check the events page of Surfers Unite for the Third Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Paddle Out on December 3rd at 15th Street Del Mar.  That’s right, grab an ugly Christmas sweater and pull it over your wetsuit then catch some waves and enjoy some donuts from VG’s.  Sounds like an awesome social!  Text “surf” to 858-602-2532 to get plugged in to upcoming events or visit: www.surfersunite.org.
Photograph includes Rotarians Jacquie Reilly, Brett & Karla Morey, Stephen Tako, Michael Mena, Rotaractors Krista Davies and David Lockwood and friends in the community
The Pad Squad
Come out Dec 3rd for the 3rd Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Paddle Out at 15th Street Del Mar.  Register today at: www.surfersunite.org/events.