When you create training plans for officers or other members, you can include a variety of tools. The Learning Center, which is flexible and accessible, can be a useful part of any plan. Here are five reasons to use Learning Center content in your training plans: 
  1. It’s customized for you. In the Learning Center, you’ll see the courses and learning topics that are the most relevant to you, based on the browser language you chose and your zone, district, and role.
  2. You can customize it even more. You can create favorites lists of the courses and materials that you use most and hide materials that you don’t need. Districts and zones can also decide which courses to use and group them into learning plans. Contact us to customize a learning plan for your district.
  3. It has the most up-to-date information. Our courses are revised regularly to reflect our current practices and recommendations, and it’s easy to find out if they’ve been updated: If they have, a note in the description will usually say when that happened. Also, the Rotary Learning Center Courses list includes direct course links that will work with any My Rotary sign-in. It’s updated four times a year and notes when courses have been revised.
  4. You can track people’s progress. Visit the My Activities page from the user menu to monitor your own progress. You can also check global, zone, and district leaderboards on the My Dashboard page. Governors, district trainers, district membership chairs, and district Rotary Foundation chairs can track the courses and learning plans that members have completed by asking for permission to review them and completing the Access to Learning Center Reports course.
  5. It improves the Rotary experience. Members who have used the Learning Center report greater satisfaction with their ability to develop leadership skills.
Review our recent webinar for more ideas about how to use the Learning Center and customize it for your club/district’s needs.
* The links in this document may take you to the Learning Center course catalog instead of directly to a course. Use the Search bar to help find your course. This is a known problem that we are working on.